What does the failure of Zillow’s flipping business mean for other ibuyers?
Nov 4, 2021

What does the failure of Zillow’s flipping business mean for other ibuyers?

Also on the show today: Examining how relief funds can be more equitably given to tribal governments, and more than 20 countries pledge to cut fossil fuel investments.

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California farmers say their crops are caught in the supply chain

Nov 4, 2021
Exports are delayed for key crops like walnuts, many of which are grown for overseas customers.
California farmers may have to sell crops domestically due to supply chain issues. Above, vehicles drive past farmland and a freight train near Pixley, California, in August.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

What the demise of Zillow Offers means for the ibuyer model

Nov 4, 2021
As Zillow winds down its home-flipping business, what's next for the industry?
Two Zillow Offers representatives evaluate a home for purchase in 2019. Zillow is winding down its house-flipping operation and, as of late September, has nearly 18,000 houses to unload.
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

How can the U.S. government better distribute funding to tribal governments?

Nov 4, 2021
A Harvard policy paper out this week on the government's pandemic relief effort calls on the Treasury Department to create a dedicated tribal affairs office.
The U.S. Treasury was widely criticized for how it distributed COVID relief funds to tribal governments.
Alastair Pike/AFP via Getty Images

U.S., other countries cut funding for international fossil fuel projects

Nov 4, 2021
Instead, they'll put about $18 billion a year into renewable energy projects.
On Thursday, more than 20 countries pledged to redirect investments from fossil fuels to clean energy. Above, signage inside the COP26 United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland.
Paul Ellis/AFP via Getty Images

"Champing," or camping in a church, is a new U.K. travel trend

Nov 4, 2021
A British church conservation charity is renting out space among the pews for vacationers to bed down for the night.
St. Mary the Virgin Church, located in Edlesborough, England, is now a place for “champers.”
Courtesy of Joseph Casey

No more money, please

From Marketplace's "This Is Uncomfortable," a woman begins to learn more about the sources of her family's generational wealth — and wants to give it all away.

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