Two more states ban the salary question
Aug 1, 2019

Two more states ban the salary question

Plus: What low construction spending tells us about the economy and a conversation with REI's CEO.

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States expand bans on asking job applicants for salary history

Aug 1, 2019
The question can perpetuate long-standing pay disparities among women and racial and ethnic groups.
A job seeker fills out an application at a career fair in midtown Manhattan, New York City.
John Moore/Getty Images

Automatic Reply: "We have switched to Mezcal"

Jul 19, 2019
When Jeremy Tofte traveled to Mexico this spring, it was his first vacation in more than a year.
A surfer rides a wave on his wake board in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca state, Mexico on December 9, 2017.

Why REI is embracing "re-commerce"

Aug 1, 2019
Consumers today are "less interested in buying stuff and accumulating more things," said REI CEO Eric Artz.
As part of environmental stewardship efforts and changing consumer preferences, outdoor gear retailer R.E.I is doubling down on rentals and used gear sales.
Courtesy of R.E.I. Co-op

Mississippi business owner celebrates rate cut

Aug 1, 2019
Kai Ryssdal checked in with Austin Golding, a small business owner in Mississippi.
Floodwaters in Vicksburg, Mississippi back in 2011.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Getting cash out of your home is about to get harder if you have an FHA mortgage

Aug 1, 2019
A growing number of homeowners have been refinancing and pocketing the increase in their homes' values.
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Does a dip in construction spending indicate an economic slowdown?

Aug 1, 2019
Construction spending fell more than a percentage point in June, the second drop in two months.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Why aren't businesses investing more in the future?

Aug 1, 2019
Market turmoil trade tensions ... there’s a lot that’s been worrying businesses so far this year.
Bay Ismoyo/AFP/Getty Images)

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