The origin story of “too big to fail”
Apr 13, 2023

The origin story of “too big to fail”

The phrase entered policy debates in the 1980s, but the notion goes back much further. Plus, an uptick in the cost of oil tanker transit.

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Banks to start reporting quarterly earnings, providing clues about the economy

Apr 13, 2023
First up: the biggest financial institutions. They're likely to show strong results.
Citibank is among the large financial institutions that will report results Friday. Considering recent instability in the sector, analysts will examine the data closely.
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

The history of “too big to fail”

Apr 13, 2023
In the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank debacle, the 1984 failure of Continental Illinois remains relevant.
The head offices of Bear Stearns, left, and JPMorgan Chase in New York in March 2008. After Bear went bust, JPM acquired its remains for a small sum.
Don Emmert/AFP via Getty Images

New cars have been a seller's market, but that's changing

Apr 13, 2023
In March, the average new car sold for $171 below asking price, according to Kelley Blue Book. But that's still higher than before COVID.
A year ago, the average new-car buyer was paying close to $1,000 over sticker price. But with the semiconductor chip shortage easing, some automakers are ramping up production, says Rebecca Rydzewski of Cox Automotive.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Oil tanker costs climb as Russia ties up system with longer routes

Apr 13, 2023
The cost to ship fuel has more than doubled since February.
Sanctions forced Russia to sell more of its oil to countries like India and China, straining the availability of tanker ships.
Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP via Getty Images

This small-business owner hopes she can stop keeping inventory in her garage

Apr 13, 2023
Ahead of March retail sales numbers, a Seattle candlemaker shares how her economy is doing.
People create their own candles at Noir Lux Candle Bar in Seattle.
Courtesy Colina Bruce

Can "milk core" get Gen Z to drink its liquid dairy?

Apr 13, 2023
Kim Severson of the New York Times explains how Big Milk is trying to persuade a generation of almond and oat milk-drinkers to switch.
The "Got Milk?" ad campaign was a big hit in the 1990s and 2000s.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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