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The ECB could beat the Fed to rate cuts 
Apr 11, 2024

The ECB could beat the Fed to rate cuts 

With inflation stubborn in the U.S., the European Central Bank signals a move in June. Plus, a complex insurance tactic raises some patients’ out-of-pocket costs by thousands.

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If the Federal Reserve waits to cut interest rates, will the European Central Bank follow suit?

Apr 11, 2024
Inflation’s up again in the U.S. while the EU is edging closer to its target. That brings the ECB to a bit of a fork in the road.
If the U.S. and EU economies are diverging, the central banks may pursue different policies, said finance professor Bill English.
Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP via Getty Images

What do bank earnings tell us about the economy?

Apr 11, 2024
Over the next week, six major banks will be reporting their earnings. Higher interest rates could affect both sides of their balance sheets.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The higher price of oil is helping tank the price of natural gas

Apr 11, 2024
Stay with us here — think about chicken parts. Higher demand for white breast meat means an excess of chicken legs.
Crude oil is easier to get out of the isolated Permian Basin than natural gas, which needs pipelines to reach customers, says Ed Hirs with the University of Houston.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Colleges are hiring general managers to help athletes navigate NIL deals

Apr 11, 2024
Colleges want the best athletes to play at their school. So what's one way to attract them? Help them get the best name, image and likeness deals.
Schools want their athletes to benefit from their popularity "because it helps both the player, and it also helps the schools make sure they can get the best players," says Austin Meek or The Athletic. Above, Caitlin Clark in the NCAA championship game.
Thien-An Truong/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Potential changes in restaurant pay stir mixed reactions

Apr 11, 2024
In a dozen states, restaurants and worker advocates are fighting over how — and how much — tipped workers should be paid.
In states where restaurants are required to pay the full minimum wage, people generally tip less, but not by much, according to payment service provider Toast.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

"Copay accumulators" put patients in middle of battle between insurers and drugmakers

Apr 11, 2024
The tactic helps insurance companies counter high drug prices, but patient advocates are working to ban them. 
“This is an arms race between drug manufacturers and plans, and they keep trying to one up each other,” said Stacie Dusetzina, a professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.
Oleg Elkov via Getty Images

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