The DL on Biden’s ambitious EV goal
Aug 5, 2021

The DL on Biden’s ambitious EV goal

Also on today's show: When a job means reuniting a family, how California's drought hurts textiles mills and a closer look at unemployment.

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As federal jobless benefits cutoff looms, millions still unemployed

Aug 5, 2021
Many states ended pandemic-related federal unemployment programs early, but there's no evidence it sent more people back to work.
Despite a dip in unemployment claims, 13 million Americans are receiving some form of benefits for being out of work.
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

With the 2,700-page infrastructure bill comes a lot of lobbying

Aug 5, 2021
Groups large and small are vying for a piece of the pie and seeking lobbyists' help in influencing senators.
While the U.S. Senate is finalizing the infrastructure bill, lobbyists are racing to make their voices heard.
Anna Moneymaker via Getty Images

Biden wants half of all vehicles sold in 2030 to be electric

Aug 5, 2021
Major carmakers have already announced similar goals, even though EVs now make up just 2% to 3% of all auto sales in the U.S.
President Joe Biden is calling for 50% of new cars sold by 2030 to be electric, but the U.S. would need many more public and fast-charge stations.
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What are the parallels between parenting and running a business?

Aug 5, 2021
In her new book, economist Emily Oster presents a framework for data-based parenting decisions.
In her new book, economist Emily Oster argues for a data-based approach to parenting decisions.
Loic Venace/AFP via Getty Images

California's drought takes a toll on the state's clothing manufacturers

Aug 5, 2021
Textile manufacturing relies on access to a cheap and plentiful supply of water.
Sean Zahedi stands next to one of his knitting machines at Lafayette Textiles in Vernon, California.
Benjamin Gottlieb

For this mom, finding a job means reuniting her family

Aug 5, 2021
Nandita Godbole has stayed in Georgia for 11 years while seeking a job in California, where her husband waits for her and their daughter.
Georgia resident Nandita Godbole has tried to find a job in California for 11 years and worries about whether her small business would survive a cross-country move.
John Moore via Getty Images

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