Man, it’s a hot one
Jul 22, 2022

Man, it’s a hot one

While extreme heat is boosting demand for natural gas here, the European Union is asking everyone to cut back.

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Recapping the economic week that was with our panel of experts.

Truckers block Oakland port to protest a California labor law

Jul 22, 2022
It's one more thing for a supply chain under unprecedented pressure.
Frustrated truckers obstruct the Port of Oakland on Thursday, piling another burden onto the supply chain.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Extreme heat is driving up demand for natural gas, along with prices

Jul 22, 2022
Nearly 40% of U.S. electricity is generated by natural gas, so when millions of air conditioners are turned on, prices rise.
With large swaths of the U.S. under excessive heat warnings this week, Americans are blasting their air conditioners, which can increase electricity bills.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Natural gas strategy tests Europe's unity against Russia

Jul 22, 2022
European leaders worry about the risk of a supply shortage in the winter, though member nations have different levels of energy security.
An industrial plant in Germany that uses Russian natural gas. Germany, the largest economy in Europe, is also the most dependent on the Russian resource.
Edouard Merlo/AFP via Getty Images

How remote work is affecting a small business in a Seattle office district

Jul 22, 2022
The rise of work from home means that far fewer people are coming into Velouria, a boutique Cat Wilcox co-owns.
There's much less activity in the area around Cat Wilcox's shop, Velouria. Consequently, in-person shopping is down.
John Moore/Getty Images

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