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How this investor became the “slumdoge millionaire”
Dec 7, 2021

How this investor became the “slumdoge millionaire”

Also on today's program: How Brexit is still impacting a British honey seller, and the transition away from fossil fuels is taking center stage at the World Petroleum Congress.

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What's behind the jump in U.S. exports?

Dec 7, 2021
Hurricane Ida held back oil and gas exports in September, so there was a big backlog that rushed out in October, shrinking the trade deficit.
U.S. manufacturers are stepping in to meet global demand as other countries may just be starting to reactivate their industries. Above, a truck passes shipping containers at the Port of Los Angeles.
Mario Tama via Getty Images

A backlog is still a backlog no matter the distance

Kip Louttit, executive director of the Marine Exchange of Southern California, said that nearly 100 ships are waiting to dock and unload in the region. But now, instead of being jammed in the ports of Southern California, those ships are spread out across the Pacific.

Brexit import changes are still painful for London honey seller after 2 years

Dec 7, 2021
After a strong summer, a London honey seller is dealing with the coronavirus omicron variant and changing trade policy on animal goods.
A beekeeper in northwestern Italy. New laws governing imports of animal byproducts in the United Kingdom go into effect in January.
Marco Bertorello/AFP via Getty Images

Why superfast grocery delivery is coming

Dec 7, 2021
DoorDash is launching a DashMart service in New York City that promises grocery delivery in 15 minutes or less. It already has competition.
A New York City distribution center for Buyk, a 15-minute grocery delivery service,
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

To HODL or not to HODL: A crypto-millionaire's story

Dec 7, 2021
This year, Glauber Contessoto invested his life savings in the cryptocurrency dogecoin. Now he has more than $800,000 worth.
Some crypto-enthusiasts follow the mantra of HODL, or "hold on for dear life," to weather the volatility of their assets.
Chris McGrath via Getty Images

Oil execs ponder a future without oil as they gather in Houston

Dec 7, 2021
We won't stop using fossil fuels right away, but the transition to renewable energy could be tricky.
A poster of an offshore drilling station at the World Petroleum Congress, where the oil industry is discussing its role in the future of energy.
Brandon Bell via Getty Images

A nice view from on the Hill

In 2020, Kate Bellino moved to Washington, D.C. to work as a public servant. As part of our “United States of Work” series, she updates us on a promotion she received, as well as some other exciting news in her life.

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