GDP keeps climbing
Feb 28, 2024

GDP keeps climbing

U.S. gross domestic product expanded at a 3.2% annual pace in the fourth quarter, extending the economy's robust growth.

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Steady GDP growth sets US apart from peer countries

Feb 28, 2024
The U.S. economy has been growing at a steady clip while many others are faltering.
Despite interest rate hikes to combat inflation, the U.S. economy has grown for six quarters in a row.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

What does it take to convert office buildings into housing?

Feb 28, 2024
New York, like many cities, wants to provide more housing and soak up empty office space. But the transition can be complex and costly.
The former office building at 160 Water St. in New York City will be home to residential tenants who can afford Financial District rents.
Samantha Fields/Marketplace

This van life-er left her corporate job for a life on the road

Feb 29, 2024
Abby Joselyn planned to live out of her van for two years. But now, a year and a half into her vanlife journey, she "can't imagine being done in six months."
Joselyn now makes lifestyle videos for social media full-time to pay for her expenses.
Courtesy Abby Joselyn

New routes offer opportunity for budget airlines — and travelers

Feb 28, 2024
Vacation season is not far away. Fancy a direct flight from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh or Salt Lake City to Ontario, California?
Some budget airlines are targeting shorter routes, like Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, and enticing new customers with discounted fares.
Kevin Carter/Getty Images

The streaming industry is in an awkward, crowded spot. Consolidation might help.

Feb 28, 2024
An abundance of options and services means some streamers struggle to turn a profit.
“The equilibrium can’t be 10 different streaming services where I can’t remember which one has 'Big Bang Theory,'" said Michael Smith at Carnegie Mellon.
Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images

Automotive artists put makeup, costumes on cars that star on screen

Mar 1, 2024
Cinema Vehicles in Georgia crafts cars and trucks for movies and TV, sometimes destroying and fixing the same machine several times.
A pickup truck in the Cinema Vehicles lot, damaged with claw marks after serving as a prop. The business crafts vehicles to help set the scene.
Matthew Pearson/WABE

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