Forget the headline number! How are you feeling?
Oct 13, 2022

Forget the headline number! How are you feeling?

Core inflation, measured annually, came in at 6.6% in September. Yet rising prices feel different to different people. Related: Why airfare is sky-high right now.

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Inflation is a subjective number

Oct 13, 2022
How much pain you feel paying your bills depends on what those bills are, and who you are.
For some consumers, increased spending at the grocery store is driving their inflation anxiety.
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Up, up, and away: Airfare ascends 43% in a year

Oct 13, 2022
A lot of people want to fly, and airlines have fewer seats to sell.
Increased passenger demand and staffing shortages are partially to blame for the surge in air travel costs.
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Black farmers' lawsuit points to limited remedies for past discrimination

Oct 13, 2022
A program to address USDA discrimination against Black farmers was revised after white farmers said it discriminated against them.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

How female leadership can uplift companies — and why it's so undervalued

Oct 13, 2022
Female-led companies tend to outperform those led by men, yet women are a small minority among CEOs and startup founders.
Female-led companies tend to outperform those led by men, but women are underrepresented in upper management.
John Phillips/Getty Images for IPG

Where South Floridians go from here, post-Ian

The city of North Port, Florida is looking to rebuild in the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian. Marketplace’s Amy Scott takes a look at how one neighborhood is faring after the storm.

An older worker tries to rediscover his place in a changing media industry

Oct 13, 2022
After taking personal time, Dan Lamont talks about finding work in editorial photography while dealing with ageism and a changing labor market.
"Creators are making peanuts compared to what they used to," said photojournalist Dan Lamont.
CatEyePerspective/Getty Images

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