Food, glorious food!
Mar 19, 2024

Food, glorious food!

Unilever is spinning off its ice cream brands — we've got the scoop on why. Plus, a chocolatier in "high production mode" ahead of Easter.

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Single-family home construction is booming, despite higher mortgage rates

Mar 19, 2024
But the boom doesn't seem to be reaching some parts of the country.
Most of the new single-family homes are being built in suburbs, says Ali Wolf at data firm Zonda.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Unilever is planning to spin off its ice cream assets

Mar 19, 2024
The move, which would see Ben & Jerry's moved to a stand-alone unit, is part of a corporate restructuring.
Unilever and its new CEO want to cut out what’s not doing well and prioritize what they do best.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Is the U.S. food safety system really all that safe?

Mar 19, 2024
The Food and Drug Administration oversees about 80% of our food supply, and facility inspections are few and far between.
Trader Joe's is known for eclectic products sourced from smaller producers. Landman says these smaller producers may not have as high quality assurance standards at their facilities, resulting in more recalls.
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The success of women's college basketball is more than just Caitlin Clark

Mar 19, 2024
There are now a lot more ways to watch and engage with sports. People are seeking out women’s leagues on streaming platforms. Social media hype is attracting new fans. And brands are taking notice, providing the women's league with more resources.
University of Iowa’s Caitlin Clark is getting a lot of credit for the growing fan base of NCAA women's basketball. "But this is not the one and only talent," says sports management professor Ceyda Mumcu of the University of New Haven..
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Geothermal energy could be on its way to Chicago’s South Side

Mar 19, 2024
The key to building out the low-carbon energy source could be the city’s trademark alleys.
Retta Ford, left, and daughter Debra Gay attend a community meeting about geothermal power. Ford asked whether the project could affect the foundations of homes.
Juanpablo Ramirez-Franco/WBEZ

Cooking up a fluffle of chocolate bunnies

Kristin Thalheimer Bingham, co-owner of chocolatier Dean Sweets in Portland, Maine, describes how business is going leading up to the Easter holiday.

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