As COVID vigilance dwindles, medical companies ail
Oct 17, 2023

As COVID vigilance dwindles, medical companies ail

Producers of vaccines, diagnostic tests and protective gear are losing revenue as COVID concern ebbs. Plus, why fewer people in China are getting married.

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Did retail sales grow because we bought more stuff, or did the stuff get more expensive?

Oct 17, 2023
The way the Census Bureau calculates its retail sales data wasn't an issue until prices started rising a couple years back.
Grocery store spending rose 0.4% in September, according to the Census Bureau.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

COVID-19 economy wanes along with pandemic's urgency

Oct 17, 2023
Makers of vaccines, tests and even protective gear are struggling to adjust to slackening demand.
Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which supplied key products in the battle against the coronavirus, has seen a dramatic reversal of fortune.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

A new book follows one meal from seed to serving

Oct 17, 2023
"The Dish" by Andrew Friedman shows just how many steps the phrase "farm to table" skips.
From farmers to dishwashers, every part of the food chain of one meal is examined in the book.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Census data shows state-by-state differences in people working from home

Oct 17, 2023
Overall, remote work has declined since 2021. Though they share a border, Colorado and Wyoming have the highest and lowest shares.
Colorado has the highest proportion of households with a remote worker. The state's natural beauty has attracted people with remote-friendly jobs.
George Rose/Getty Images

In China, marriage numbers have fallen, but those who choose to marry have their reasons

Oct 17, 2023
People get married for love, traditional cultural beliefs and to have a social safety net.
A couple takes wedding photos in a Shanghai park.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

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