A not-so-happy anniversary to Silicon Valley Bank
Feb 23, 2024

A not-so-happy anniversary to Silicon Valley Bank

Lenders say their depositors have become more savvy in response to last year's turmoil among midsize banks.

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A year after Silicon Valley Bank failed, lenders are still feeling pressure on all sides

Feb 23, 2024
Rising interest rates have cranked up the interest banks are paying depositors. But banks also have a lot of cash stuck in low-interest bonds and loans they made before the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates.
A lot of the problems that last year’s bank failures revealed are still troubling small and mid-sized banks today.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In the golden age of sports content, traditional sports journalism is disappearing

Feb 23, 2024
The teams have the money, and remaining media outlets like ESPN are becoming more dependent on them. Author Keith O’Brien explains.
Rugby pros Mitch Kenny, left, and Brian To'o are interviewed in Manchester, England. Sports are as visible as ever, but professional coverage is waning, along with pressure for transparency and accountability.
Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

For a couple in Maine, calling a Grange Hall home means financial freedom

Feb 23, 2024
With the goal of living mortgage-free, "I really knew that I would go anywhere and I would live in anything," Kate Mill says.
After living in Nashville, Tennessee, for 23 years, Henry Pile and Kate Mills bought this  Grange Hall in Livermore Falls, Maine.
Courtesy Henry Pile

The Weekly Wrap

“Marketplace” Host Kai Ryssdal speaks with Catherine Rampell at the Washington Post and Jordyn Holman at the New York Times about this week’s top economic stories.

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