Where and how the wealthy hide their money
Oct 4, 2021

Where and how the wealthy hide their money

Several media organizations have published details from a trove of documents they're calling the "Pandora Papers," which shed light on how hundreds of the world’s wealthy elite have shielded trillions of dollars worth of assets using offshore accounts and other tactics. We speak with one of the reporters who worked on the project, Debbie Cenziper of The Washington Post. Plus, we're awaiting the jobs report for September. And, rents continue to rise around the country.

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Pandora Papers offer expansive look at how the wealthy hide money

Among the revelations: People are moving money and assets to within the U.S., in states like South Dakota and Alaska.
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Markets are waiting for news on a couple different things, including the latest jobs report coming Friday

We’ll let the latest government report on hiring and unemployment Friday. This one will cover September. And, as Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives, says “there’s a lot of anxiety about this report.” If there was strong hiring in September, the Federal Reserve is likely to press ahead with its plan to start easing off some stimulus for the U.S. economy it’s been keeping up during the pandemic. But a weak hiring report could complicate things. Also complicating things? Slow progress in Congress on the infrastructure spending package and a bill to address the U.S. debt ceiling.

Rents are rising to all-time highs

Oct 4, 2021
Nationwide, rents are up more than 13% since March of 2020.
The rent for two-bedroom units have hit a new all-time high every month since February, according to new data from the rental site Zumper.
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