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Two-bedroom rentals are out of range for low-wage workers across the U.S.
Jul 19, 2021

Two-bedroom rentals are out of range for low-wage workers across the U.S.

Also, Toyota executives are backing away from the Tokyo Olympics, and we talk about the EU's proposed carbon tax.

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Rent for a two-bedroom on a minimum-wage income is out of reach in every state

Jul 19, 2021
A study finds that the disparity is the worst in California cities.
Angerer/Getty Images

Toyota execs won't be coming to the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony

The Japanese car company is one of the leading sponsors for the Games, but rising coronavirus cases has its leadership feeling conflicted.

How will the world respond to the European Union's proposed carbon border tax?

Jul 19, 2021
Scott Barrett of Columbia University thinks countries may adopt their own trade-oriented approaches to battling climate change.
Flags of the European Union member states hang inside the Council of the European Union's Lex building in Brussels.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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