A pop-up oasis in South L.A.’s food desert
Jul 17, 2019

A pop-up oasis in South L.A.’s food desert

Summer gives way to stable markets. A look at the systemic problem of low African-American homeownership. An activist is opening up her own healthy grocery store where there is none.

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Racial disparities in home appreciation values may perpetuate a homeownership gap

Jul 17, 2019
A study explores reasons some African Americans may be at a disadvantage when trying to build home equity.
David McNew/Getty Images

Bringing fresh food to an L.A. food desert, one produce box at a time

Jul 17, 2019
South Central resident Olympia Auset was sick of taking the bus two hours to buy fresh produce. So, she started selling fresh produce herself.
South LA resident Olympia Auset started a produce stand three years ago and now wants to expand into a physical store.
John F. Peters

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