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Small business aid is running out
Apr 16, 2020

Small business aid is running out

The Payroll Protection Program has run through its money already. About 5.25 million people filed for state unemployment benefits in the last week. Buses in Detroit are now free, but bus drivers have safety concerns as essential workers.

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The small business loans program is basically out of cash. What's next?

There's concern that the hardest hit businesses aren't getting enough help.
There's bipartisan agreement over the fact that there should be more money available, but members of Congress are at odds on how to get it done.
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Bus drivers in Detroit, as essential workers, face COVID-19 safety concerns

Apr 16, 2020
After Detroit bus drivers staged a "sick-out," passengers began getting free rides so that drivers wouldn't have to handle fares.
A woman walks a dog at the Rosa Parks Transit Center in downtown Detroit.
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