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Will robots try to cut in line for COVID vaccinations?
Feb 12, 2021

Will robots try to cut in line for COVID vaccinations?

Pharmacies are preparing for bot attacks that could game online vaccine registration and snap up available appointments. Plus, while Wall Street worries about more COVID relief sparking inflation, central bankers don't see it. And, looking back at various market bubbles throughout history, from GameStop to the Roaring '20s and beyond.

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Big pharmacy chains start giving COVID vaccines today

But it's not as easy as just showing up at a store and expecting to get a shot.
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Is the GameStop saga a sign of a stock market bubble?

One thing that bubbles have in common? The unpredictable consequences of economy-wide innovations.
speculative fevers often emerge during times of major economic and technological change. "And in essence, these speculators are accelerating the rise of a new economy," says Marketplace senior economics contributor Chris Farrell.
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