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Why we can’t have an app for online voting yet
Nov 2, 2020

Why we can’t have an app for online voting yet

Plus, after the worst week for the stock market since March, indices around the world are up this morning. Also, what low interest rates mean for Americans.

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Whatever happens with the stock market today, it's probably just noise

That’s according to Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives. She says “we have quite a few events this week” which could influence the markets. Monthly unemployment, a Federal reserve meeting … and, oh yeah, the election. How do we parse the uncertainty?

The Fed meets again this week. It's likely to keep interest rates low for a while.

Nov 2, 2020
What do ongoing low interest rates mean for consumer saving and spending, and businesses seeking help with debt?
With bank accounts paying next to nothing in interest, some people are starting to spend their money.
Daniel Slim/AFP via Getty Images

Why aren't we voting online?

One computer science professor says there are too many uncertain variables with our current internet structure to try voting online.
"Today, we simply don't have technology that allows us to gain any meaningful assurance that all of those phones and computers are operating without malware, without tampering," says Dan Wallach, computer science professor at Rice University.
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