The U.S. COVID-19 epicenter is starting to reopen
Jun 8, 2020

The U.S. COVID-19 epicenter is starting to reopen

New York City enters phase one of its reopening. OPEC extends record cuts in oil production. We check back in with one of many Black-owned businesses left out of the first round of the PPP.

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Oil prices tick back up as economies reopen, OPEC extends production cuts

Jun 8, 2020
Oil's recovery will depend on how the pandemic plays out, and whether there will be a second wave of illness.
The so-called OPEC+ club of producers agreed on Saturday to to extend oil production cuts into July.
Alexander Klein/AFP via Getty Images

This Black-owned restaurant couldn't get PPP funding at first. Here's how it's doing now.

Jun 8, 2020
Terence Dickson isn't opening for outdoor dining at Terra Cafe just yet, even if it might cost him some business.
Terence Dickson stands in front of "Big Blue," a delivery truck he's converted into an outdoor bar at his restaurant in Baltimore.
Amy Scott/Marketplace

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