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Watching the “milk index”
Apr 6, 2020

Watching the “milk index”

Demand for milk is down in this shelter-at-home mode. Sink or swim for startups in this COVID-19 economy. How Nashville, which is still recovering from tornadoes in early March, and its musicians are faring right now.

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Startups always face bankruptcy risk. COVID-19 has made things worse.

"Small companies and a lot of us are getting a lesson in, 'Risk is real,'" one business professor says.
Startups don't have the cash flow or credit lines to deal with crises like big companies do.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Nashville musicians, recovering from tornadoes, face COVID-19 cancellations

Apr 6, 2020
Now that Nashville’s music industry has weathered a literal storm, they're facing tough times again with a stream of cancellations.
Popular live music venue The Basement East, in East Nashville, was severely damaged by a tornado on March 3, 2020.
Rachel Iacavone

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