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Apr 6, 2016

Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, April 6, 2016


On today's show, we'll talk about new rules for financial advisers with the aim of protecting consumers, and the shaky Pfizer-Allergan deal. 

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Consumer advocates applaud new rules for financial advisers

Apr 6, 2016
Old rules for financial advisers had allowed them to give advice that was best for them, not consumers.
Conflicts of interest are hurting the current financial advisory system, some experts say.
401kcalculator.org via Flickr

Apple fights to sell used iPhones in India

Apr 6, 2016
Debuting at over $580, even the lower-cost iPhone SE is out of reach for many.
An iPhone 3G, released by Apple in 2008. The company is currently trying to sell used iPhones in India.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

The big loophole in China's sanctions on North Korea

Apr 6, 2016
Should North Korea's economy collapse, it won't be pretty for China.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un inspects the command of the Korean People's Army.
KNS/AFP/Getty Images

Will new U.S. tax-inversion rules stick?

Apr 6, 2016
The rules have already stopped the Pfizer-Allergan merger.

Protecting your retirement savings from your retirement adviser

Apr 6, 2016
Financial advisers, market sentiment, and inversions.

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