It’s been a wild weekend for crypto. What’s next?
Jun 20, 2022

It’s been a wild weekend for crypto. What’s next?

Cryptocurrency has had a rough ride over the weekend. Bitcoin dropped below a benchmark level on Saturday, then bounced back Sunday. Other cryptocurrencies have dropped as well. Part of the selloff deals with recession fears, but we discuss what else could happen. The surge in interest seen in Black-owned bookstores since the uproar over George Floyd's 2020 murder has started to dissipate. Diabetics are sharing medicine and other items with each other due to the high price of insulin.

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High insulin prices have more people with diabetes sharing medicine and supplies

Jun 20, 2022
Many people with diabetes who can't afford the insulin they need to stay alive are turning to social media for help.
Alina Bills lives with Type 1 diabetes and wears an insulin pump to regulate her blood sugar.
Jess Mador/WABE

Two years on from BLM protests, business has declined at Black-owned bookstores

Jun 20, 2022
However, it's still better than it was before the protests.
Black-owned bookstores have seen traffic thinning out following the surge after George Floyd's murder and the uproar that came after in 2020.
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