How the FCC can better serve Indigenous communities with faster internet
Oct 25, 2021

How the FCC can better serve Indigenous communities with faster internet

There's a program called "E-Rate" that subsidizes broadband data connections for schools and libraries. But libraries on tribal lands were excluded. Also, we'll get yet another wave of signs about where the economy is headed (and where it's most recently been) from profit and revenue reports for companies like Apple, Ford and General Electric — as well as the latest calculation of U.S. economic growth for Q3. And, AMC movie theaters are rolling out open captioning for those with hearing loss.

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What's on deck for the next phase of earnings season this week?

Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives, says that macroeconomists are following the quarterly results of companies like Apple, General Motors and Coca-Cola (which all report this week, among others) "more than we used to because companies are navigating all of these pandemic-related disruptions and supply chain issues in real time. So we watch these earning reports to see how they're handling all of this." Also this week: the government's first calculation of how much the economy grew in the most previous quarter from July to September. Coronado says we're likely to see economic growth cool off a bit compared to the acceleration we saw in the first half of this year.

FCC proposes rule change to help tribal libraries with broadband

Oct 25, 2021
A change to the E-Rate program could help tribal libraries get online.
Navajo Nation is currently expanding internet capacity at local government and community centers that function like libraries through E-Rate, a Federal Communications Commission program that helps schools and libraries access affordable broadband.
Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

Coming soon to 250 AMC cinemas: English subtitles on every film

Oct 25, 2021
Open captioning is already common in videos on social media.
Open captioning could attract more viewers back to theaters amid pandemic. It's also part of Hollywood's effort to improve accessibility.
Tom Cooper/Getty Images

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