High gas prices could have staying power during the holidays
Nov 25, 2021

High gas prices could have staying power during the holidays

Also today: We look into how the kinks in the supply chain could open up opportunities for gift cards. The BBC hits the streets of London to see how it does Thanksgiving.

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Supply chain slowdowns could make it a big year for gift cards

Nov 25, 2021
E-commerce and consumer habits of younger shoppers have made them increasingly popular.
Once considered thoughtless and impersonal, gift cards have become increasingly popular and are expected to be a big seller this year.
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Higher gas prices are likely here to stay through the holidays

Nov 25, 2021
President Biden has released 50 million barrels of oil from strategic reserves, but oil production hasn't caught up to pre-pandemic levels.
Gas prices are nearly 60% higher than this time last year, according to AAA.
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds via Getty Images

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