Evictions are back on in New York
Jan 17, 2022

Evictions are back on in New York

Also today: China's economy grew last year, but some sectors within it are still struggling when it comes to sales, such as education and tourism. A report from Oxfam sounds the alarm on how the pandemic has greatly exacerbated the wealth disparity between the world's billionaires and everyone else.

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New York's eviction moratorium has expired

Jan 17, 2022
As New York and other states seek more funding, tenants also need longer-term fixes to the problem of housing affordability.
Protesters block a road outside the governors office following a march calling for an extension to the eviction moratorium on January 14, 2022 in New York, New York. The moratorium expired on Saturday, Jan. 15.
ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images

Report details widening pandemic-era wealth gap

Jan 17, 2022
In its report, Oxfam proposes a wealth tax on a perpetually growing list of billionaires.
The gulf between wealth and poverty has gotten much wider during the pandemic, according to an Oxfam report.
hyejin kang via Getty Images

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