Does “default” option mean “best” option?
Jan 11, 2022

Does “default” option mean “best” option?

Also today: Susan Schmidt joins us for our chat about the markets. Vaccine mandates could disrupt truckers heading into Canada from the United States, which could further compound supply chain issues.

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Default options are popular in financial decision-making, but are they effective?

From retirement savings to Social Security, the choices made for you are crucial and should be well designed.
A program's default option, in which participants are automatically enrolled, makes it easy to choose but isn't always the best choice.
Yuri Cortez/AFP/Getty Images

Vaccine mandates could put brakes on truckers crossing U.S., Canada border

Jan 11, 2022
Truckers help move $1.5 billion worth of goods across the U.S.-Canada border.
A new vaccine requirement for drivers to cross the U.S.-Canada border could compound labor shortages among long-haul truckers and worsen other supply chain issues.
George Frey via Getty Images

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