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It looks like coronavirus relief talks are just getting messier
Oct 12, 2020

It looks like coronavirus relief talks are just getting messier

Both sides of the aisle are unhappy with the White House's recent $1.8 trillion proposal. Plus, natural gas from U.S. producers has practically nowhere to go with energy demand down. And, how California's wildfires are making homeowners insurance unaffordable.

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Pandemic puts natural gas projects on hold

Oct 12, 2020
As plans for LNG export facilities come to a halt, so do job opportunities in places like the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana.
David McNew/AFP via Getty Images

Insurance increasingly unaffordable as climate change brings more disasters

Aug 31, 2020
In California, homeowners in high wildfire-risk areas are finding insurance is harder to find, costs more and is worth less.
The LNU Lightning Complex Fire burns through Napa on Aug. 18, 2020.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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