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Challenging the corporate game of HQ chess
Jun 7, 2021

Challenging the corporate game of HQ chess

If national legislatures approve the new G-7 deal on taxing multinational companies, corporations would have to pay a new global minimum tax no matter where they put their headquarters. So far, this is just a pledge from G-7 countries, though, not a law. Plus, Apple's developer conference gets underway with data privacy in focus. And, a push to diversify city-appointed boards in Nashville.

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User data, software updates on agenda at Apple developer conference

Jun 7, 2021
The Worldwide Developers Conference will likely focus on privacy. But it's also a big event for third-party software developers.
Apple's not likely to drop a brand-new iPhone this time around, but software updates that deal with user data might make news.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Nashville works to diversify its city-appointed boards

Jun 7, 2021
A vacancy on the all-white fairgrounds panel underscores the issue of how members of governing boards are selected.
Nashville hopes to bring a more diverse crowd to the fairgrounds property and may diversify the oversight board as well.
Tony Gonzalez/Nashville Public Radio

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