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Biden’s strategy to narrow the racial wealth gap
Jun 2, 2021

Biden’s strategy to narrow the racial wealth gap

President Biden's plan, announced in Tulsa, Oklahoma, yesterday, aims to address discrimination in housing access and value for Black Americans. Plus, spelling out the updated guidance to employers about whether they can require workers to get vaccinated and provide incentives for doing so. And, it's been a little more than a week since a host of nations in Europe told airlines not to fly over Belarusian airspace. A punishment like that leaves millions of dollars hanging in the balance.

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Biden administration says it will address racial inequity in home appraisals

Jun 2, 2021
The government plans to use fair housing laws and regulatory action to address the racial disparity in home valuations.
President Joe Biden lays out policy proposals aimed at narrowing the racial wealth gap during a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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Employers can require vaccines, with some exceptions, according to updated guidelines from the EEOC

Eric Feldman, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania focused on medical ethics and health policy, has more.

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