What Whole Foods and James Bond could soon have in common
May 25, 2021

What Whole Foods and James Bond could soon have in common

Amazon is reportedly nearing a deal to acquire MGM, which owns part of the Bond film franchise. The reported price tag at this point in time would make the acquisition Amazon's second biggest after Whole Foods. Also, the latest national reading on home prices is up yet again. Plus, Peloton plans to build a factory in the U.S. And, an update on efforts to redirect police funding in cities across the country.

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When we're looking at inflation, we have to look at home prices, too

March U.S. home prices jumped by the most in more than seven years. And the Federal Reserve has to keep an eye on that, too, according to Drew Matus, chief market strategist for MetLife Investment Management. The Fed is worried about “asset prices getting unhinged from reality as well,” Matus said. “It’s not to say that these home prices are unhinged, but when you see, you know, 12% in February, a little over 13% in March, and the month-on-month numbers keep getting stronger, I think it’s probably at a point where the Fed is going to start asking themselves whether the huge amount of stimulus that they’re creating in the economy is starting to force its way into areas of the economy they’d prefer it not get to.”

Peloton pedals into new territory with plans for Ohio factory

May 25, 2021
When the factory is scheduled to open in two years, will we still be exercising as much from home?
The company no longer plans to rely solely on suppliers in Asia, as demand for Peloton units in the pandemic surged and the company couldn’t keep up.
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Where efforts to redirect police funding stand 1 year since George Floyd's murder

May 25, 2021
Since the murder of George Floyd one year ago, more than 20 big cities have reduced police budgets in some form.
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