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Iran's uranium enrichment

| Feb 27, 2006
Iran appears determined to expand its uranium enrichment program, according to the UN's atomic watchdog agency. Writer and Commentator Reza Aslan argues that the key to defusing the situation is the opposite of Iran's continued isolation and sanctions.

South America's indigenous movements

Dan Grech | Feb 27, 2006
Indigenous movements throughout Latin America are increasingly setting their sights on various economic targets to advance their political agendas. From the Americas Desk, Dan Grech reports.
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An incentive for saving

Hilary Wicai | Feb 27, 2006
Hillary Wicai looks at an innovative state program to encourage poor residents to save up for home ownership.
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Betting on home prices

Tess Vigeland | Feb 27, 2006
Tess Vigeland talks to economist Eric Talley about a new derivative market that allows investors to bet on fluctuations in home prices.
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Bush's India trip

| Feb 27, 2006
President Bush makes final preparations for his trip to South Asia this week. As Jessica Smith reports, US companies are particularly interested in his talks with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Bird flu summit

| Feb 27, 2006
Bird flu experts from around the world assemble in Washington today to discuss how businesses can prepare for a possible outbreak. Eric Niiler reports.
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Paid search gathering

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Feb 27, 2006
Advertisers gather in New York today to discuss expanding their presence on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Stem cell trial

Rachel Dornhelm | Feb 27, 2006
Today court proceedings begin in the dispute over whether the State of California can spend $3 billion in taxpayer money to fund stem cell research. Rachel Dornhelm has more.
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Economy's looking up

Bob Moon | Feb 27, 2006
Leading economists have gazed deep into their crystal ball and pronounced the view a rosy one. Bob Moon reports that they see the economy surging back in the early part of the year.

New chromium regulations

Sam Eaton | Feb 27, 2006
Just as federal regulators are preparing new standards for chromium exposures, a new report charges the industry withheld data about chromium's health risks. Sam Eaton looks at the possible financial fallout.
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