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EU cutting its electric bill

Kyle James | Oct 18, 2006
The EU is set to put stringent new energy efficiency targets in place for consumer products — and the new rules could have major repercussions for businesses worldwide. Kyle James reports.
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Stuyvesant Towners movin' out?

| Oct 18, 2006
A big developer purchased Stuyvesant Town yesterday for a whopping $5.4 billion. Alex Goldmark looks at what's next for Manhattan's last bastion of middle class housing.
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Hawaii protects its image

Dan Grech | Oct 18, 2006
Tourism officials in Hawaii are kicking off a new campaign to promote the islands. They're hoping to counter the images of destruction from this past weekend's 6.2 earthquake. Dan Grech reports.
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Big drop in wholesale inflation — sort of

Jeff Tyler | Oct 17, 2006
Economic data out today says wholesale prices dropped more than expected last month because of cheaper fuel. But it also suggests that inflation might be on the rise. So where's the economy headed? Jeff Tyler reports.
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Chicago exchanges unite

Diantha Parker | Oct 17, 2006
The Merc snapped up crosstown rival Chicago Board of Trade today to create the world's biggest exchange for futures contracts. And the marriage could spark other similar deals, Diantha Parker reports.
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New incentive for Japanese workers

Janet Babin | Oct 17, 2006
In an unprecedented ruling, Japan's Supreme Court ruled that employees legally own the patent rights to the products they invent. The decision could actually help revive creativity in the country, Janet Babin reports.
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Deadbeat dads, pay up or get Posted

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Oct 17, 2006
Westchester County in New York is using a novel tactic to catch deadbeat parents: Advertising their photos in The New York Post. Ashley Milne-Tyte has the story.

It takes more than aid to cure poverty

| Oct 17, 2006
Economist and commentator Glenn Hubbard says wealthy countries have been taking too simplistic an approach to deal with the problem of world poverty.

Cultivating consumers in rural India

Miranda Kennedy | Oct 17, 2006
U.S. tech companies are setting up product research centers in India to create products to sell to an emerging market of rural, mostly uneducated Indians. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Baby Boomers start truckin'

| Oct 17, 2006
The trucking industry is in the middle of its worst labor shortage ever. As companies hone their recruiting efforts, they're focusing on one group: Baby Boomers. Martha Woodroof tells us it could be a match made in economic heaven.