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Daniel Shin

"Marketplace Tech" Producer


Daniel helps produce the daily “Marketplace Tech” show and podcast, and he’s interested in tech policy and ethics.

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Are tech companies influencing politics more than governments?

Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group, believes we're increasingly becoming citizens of Facebook and Twitter rather than of nations.
Are we becoming citizens of tech?
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Revisiting location-based pay in this era of remote work

Companies are choosing to reduce the pay of remote workers who head to areas with a lower cost of living.
More companies are cutting down the pay of remote workers who choose to live in areas with a lower cost of living.
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Nobel Prize Economist David Card on testing Econ 101 theories in the real world

Oct 12, 2021
UC Berkeley Economist David Card reflects on his now Nobel Prize winning research.
David Card won the 2021 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his work in developing research tools that help economists to use real-life situations to test big theories.
UC Berkeley via Getty Images

What's been the spark behind all the recent strikes and attempts to unionize?

Oct 7, 2021
In addition to cereal maker Kellogg's, there have also been strikes and union efforts at Amazon and within Hollywood.
Boxes of Kellogg's cereals including Froot Loops, Cocoa Krispies and Raisin Bran are seen at a store in Arlington, Virginia. Kellogg's factory workers are on strike this week. They're demanding better working conditions, benefits and protesting the outsourcing of jobs. 
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An argument for bringing back a contractual "lottery" for retirement savings

Marketplace's Chris Farrell explains why a "tontine" could be used positively in retirement plans.
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Pandora Papers offer expansive look at how the wealthy hide money

Among the revelations: People are moving money and assets to within the U.S., in states like South Dakota and Alaska.
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Is income inequality the reason why interest rates have been low?

Wealthy people and their savings are driving down interest rates, a recent paper suggests. Marketplace contributor Chris Farrell explains it.
A recent paper by economists suggest income inequality is the reason why interest rates have been low for decades. Above, a 2011 news report shows the Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates near zero until 2013.
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Improving the restaurant industry could mean higher prices for diners

The pandemic has revealed some of the long-standing issues within the restaurant industry.
A sign is viewed at a restaurant in New York's Upper West Side on Aug. 17, 2021.
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

How essential child care providers are often stretched thin

Aug 19, 2021
Early childhood reporter for KPCC and LAist, Mariana Dale, explains why many child care providers are financially overextended.
Manoja Weerakoon for LAist

Boston Fed president thinks it's nearly time to taper the central bank's stimulus

Aug 18, 2021
With employment strong and housing prices high, Eric Rosengren says the Federal Reserve should cut back its bond purchases soon.
Eric Rosengren has been serving as the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston since 2007.
Courtesy of Boston Federal Reserve