Oh, it’s just a developer’s version of the company’s new Mac operating system. Whew! The actual update to the OS will come this summer, it’s a follow up to Lion, but the developer edition is out now so people can start to build applications for it ahead of the release. The big novelty to Mountain Lion appears to be how deeply integrated it is with iCloud, Apple’s cloud computing platform. It’s built to easily store and backup files and applications, signaling a future where we all rely on big strong servers located somewhere distant, while not needing to constantly beef up our computers to get them to do all the cool apps that are being built.

Also in Mountain Lion, integration with the Game Center, an app used on mobile Apple devices, and Messages, another mobile app, which will replace the Mac program iChat. Have you noticed that computers are copying mobile devices now? And that’s the same thing Microsoft is going to do with Windows 8? Why, it’s almost as if the lines between what’s a mobile device and what’s a desktop device are getting blurry!

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