All of our lives should be as serendipitous as Jerry Rizzo’s. He’s a Philadelphian and loyal fan of the hometown NBA team, the 76ers. The team is looking for a new mascot and had narrowed the choices to three finalists. Rizzo and a friend created Twitter accounts for two of them,  @PhilEMoose and @BFranklinDogg and began tweeting from them to create some buzz for the contests. First, the team contacted the guys and asked them to stop. In the conversation that ensued, Rizzo wrangled some box seats and VIP treatment in exchange for handing over the accounts. But then the team contacted Rizzo and offered him a job as a social media guy for the team. He’s 23 and now he works for his team.

I guess he'll have to practice!

Wait. Did someone say practice? PRACTICE?!


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