The Future of Television: The way we watch

Jan 10, 2012
As TVs get smarter and viewing goes mobile, there's a battle on to bring entertainment to every screen.
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CES: It's all about your TV set

Jan 9, 2012
Reporting from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, John Moe explains why the future of technology is in the big-screen TV.
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Mid-day Extra: The value of the laugh track

Dec 1, 2011
This season's fall TV lineup has seen a re-emergence of the laugh track. But do these sound effects really help ratings?
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Nickelodeon ratings plunge, hitting Viacom stocks

Dec 1, 2011
The children's channel has been on top for 16 years but has felt a sudden, unexpected drop in ratings in the last few months.
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China bans primetime TV ads

Nov 29, 2011
The government in China has decided to ban all advertisements on primetime TV in the coming year, leaving foreign companies who have invested millions without an outlet.
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TV sales likely to drop this holiday season

Nov 25, 2011
Among the most discounted items this holiday season will be television sets, despite new technologies designed to increase demand.
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Cancelled NBA season could mean TV ratings dip

Nov 16, 2011
With the possibility of an NBA season looking increasingly grim, many television companies could soon feel the hurt, and need to find ways to fill the gap in their programming this winter.
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CBS taps Charlie Rose, Gayle King for 'Early Show'

Nov 14, 2011
Rose, a long-time PBS figure, and King, best known for her Oprah connection, will become new regulars on the morning show, The New York Times reports
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Not surprising: The Internet is hurting TV porn sales

Aug 5, 2011
Television companies are complaining they just can't sell porn like thy use to. Fans are headed to the web instead. Why pay for something you can...
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Cable companies can't just dump your favorite channel

Aug 2, 2011
The Federal Communication Commission issued a new order that will keep channels on the air during contract fights between programmers and...
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