Florida weighs a cut in property taxes

Jan 25, 2008
On Tuesday, Floridians will vote on an amendment that will cut their property taxes, intended to relieve some of the pressure from the housing market. Dan Grech examines views for and against the measure.
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Lobbyists jockey for stimulus plan favors

Jan 18, 2008
Washington is in high gear to put together a plan to ward off a recession, and special interest groups are all pressing for a piece of the economic pie. John Dimsdale reports.
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Taxes and the Ex-dividend Date

Jan 16, 2008
Question: When selling a stock or bond mutual fund, is it better to: Wait a few days to the Ex-Dividend date, receive the dividend and sell at the...
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Making taxes less taxing for the middle

Jan 11, 2008
Have you ever heard politicians talk taxes without mentioning the middle class? Tess talks to Scott Hodge of the Tax Foundation to find out if all their efforts are actually helping.
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Trading Stocks and Taxes

Jan 11, 2008
Question: I'm a weekly listener via podcasts and thank you for all the good advice. So the question: My co-worker mentioned that I could trade my...
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Taxpayer advocate: Let's try 'I'm sorry'

Jan 9, 2008
The IRS's National Taxpayer Advocate is telling Congress that the tax service should be required to apologize when it's wrong and to offer a little something to compensate taxpayers for their troubles. John Dimsdale reports.
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Huckabee tax plan would be a disaster

Jan 8, 2008
A nationwide poll has former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in first place among Republican primary voters. Commentator Len Burman says that makes you wonder how many people have heard about his tax plan.
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IRS looking at 'instant' tax refunds

Jan 4, 2008
Tax preparers and their bank partners have been making a ton of money off so-called "tax refund anticipation loans" for years. But consumer groups say these loans are a terrible idea that ought to be banned, and the IRS might be taking action. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Fed cracks down on mortgage lending

Dec 21, 2007
The Federal Reserve proposed a strict set of rules for subprime mortgages. Tess Vigeland talks to Nancy Marshall Genzer from Marketplace's Washington, D.C. bureau about what's at stake and how the Fed plan may affect homeowners.
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Dec 20, 2007
Question: Hi folks, We were just sitting here listening to Chris Farrell say that the AMT should be eliminated. We agree that changes need to be...
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