Ultimately, we pay for the bailout

Apr 2, 2008
Using our tax dollars to bail out the Wall Street debacle just isn't fair, says commentator Robert Reich. Wall Street reaps the rewards and we pay the price.
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The 'dirty dozen' tax scams

Mar 21, 2008
Tax time is here and so are the scammers. Lisa asks Victor Olmeczencho of the IRS how you can protect yourself from the most common tax scams.
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Cap-and-trade vs. "t-word" in California

Mar 20, 2008
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is working on a "cap-and-trade" plan to cut the state's greenhouse gases, compelling companies to buy and sell credits regulating potentially harmful emissions. But some environmentalists are skeptical of a market-based approach. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Fed's delicate economic balancing act

Mar 18, 2008
Between bailing out investment banks and making loans to securities dealers, Fed Chief Ben Bernanke and company have been busy lately. The big cut in short-term interest rates boosted the markets, but inflation still looms. Kai Ryssdal has the story.
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Will taxpayers pay for Bear bailout?

Mar 17, 2008
The Federal Reserve committed $30 billion in taxpayer money to guarantee the riskiest part of Bear's portfolio in the JP Morgan sale. Kai Ryssdal speaks to Bob Moon about whether the move could ultimately benefit taxpayers.
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Atlantic City doubles down on casinos

Mar 4, 2008
In spite of a slowing economy, Atlantic City plans to spend almost $10 billion on a new wave of casino projects. The city is betting on a new demographic of gamblers to spruce up the local economy. Joel Rose reports.
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Avoiding an audit

Feb 29, 2008
None of us want that dreaded audit letter from the IRS in the mail, so Tess asks Frank Degen how you can make sure your tax preparer isn't setting you up for trouble.
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Bond failures may bankrupt cities

Feb 28, 2008
New problems in the municipal bond market are resulting in cities and municipalities paying record-high interest rates. And with cities making less from property taxes, some have no choice but to declare bankruptcy. Jill Barshay reports.
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Europeans take on tax shelter

Feb 25, 2008
Bank secrecy laws have helped make the European principality of Liechtenstein a tax haven. Now a secret list of account holders at a Lichtenstein bank has been sold to authorities in Germany and Britain. John Dimsdale reports.
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Yes, File 2007 Taxes

Feb 25, 2008
Question: My 27-year-old daughter is developmentally disabled, lives at home and works for a sheltered workshop. Her last years' earnings were ...
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