Amazon tax bill in CA could encourage passage in more states

Sep 23, 2011
Today, Gov. Jerry Brown of California could potentially sign a bill that would allow states to collect taxes from internet sales on, and more retailers are next in line.
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Some major U.S. companies pay high CEO salaries, few taxes

Aug 31, 2011
According to a new study, some major companies in the U.S. pay more for their CEOs than they do in taxes. But can this pay off for the economy as a whole?
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Study: Some companies pay more to their own CEOs than to Uncle Sam

Aug 31, 2011
A new study shows that major U.S. companies often pay out more money in executive salary than they do in taxes.
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Popular Missouri tax credit faces budget ax

Aug 25, 2011
The program pays developers a quarter of the cost to rehab historic buildings. It's been lauded as a jobs creator, but many say the state can no longer afford it.
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Cigarette tax helps fund the arts in Cleveland

Aug 11, 2011
Every cigarette bought in Cuyahoga County gives a penny and a half to local arts and cultural organizations
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Becoming the 'Innocent Spouse'

Jul 29, 2011
The day after Carol Ross Joynt's husband died, she learned that he was being investigated for criminal federal tax fraud. She discusses the tax clause that protected her from the liabilities of her husband's actions.
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No-tax pledge is bigger than Grover Norquist

Jul 21, 2011
Norquist is the long-time promoter of the no-new-tax pledge that almost every Republican in Congress has signed. But when he suggested that letting the Bush tax cuts expire wouldn't technically be a tax increase, it became clear the pledge is bigger than any one person.
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Amazon takes its tax battle to the ballot

Jul 12, 2011
Amazon seeks a California referendum to overturn a law requiring e-tailers to collect sales tax. If successful, the bid could have national impact.
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Amazon wants to take tax gripe to California voters

Jul 12, 2011 has filed paperwork to put a referendum on the ballot in California. It would be about overturning a recent law requiring Californians...
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My Visit to Another Planet

Jun 22, 2011
As a kid during the Apollo project, I very much wanted to walk on the moon, or even better, another planet some day. I seem to have just missed N...
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