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Credit card reform

May 23, 2009
Thank you, Washington. That's not exactly a phrase many people are sending toward our elected representatives these days. But it's an appropriate...
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How to save more

May 19, 2009
I got a note the other day from Henry "Bud" Hebeler. He runs the financial website Bud's advice is always good. In his note he said...
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A Social Security twist

Apr 28, 2009
Another twist on Social Security......
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Saving and Investing

Apr 18, 2009
A fun and important video by professor Zvi Bodie of Boston University. He's on a crusade against financial illiteracy. His target this time: The...
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Financial planning software

Apr 17, 2009
IProfessor Laurance Kotlikoff of Boston University has wide-ranging interests, studying a number of topics over the years, especially fiscal policy...
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A tax farewell

Apr 15, 2009
Tom Herman has covered the tax beat for the Wall Street Journal since 1993, and he's done a terrific job, a true professional. I have been an avid...
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Unintended consequences

Apr 11, 2009
I am a fan of Henry "Bud" Hebeler, the former president of Boeing Aerospace and now financial advisor to future retirees. Check out his website at...
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Millennium Bank a Ponzi scheme

Mar 27, 2009
We had received many emails from listeners intrigued by high yields on CDs offered by Millennium Bank in the Caribbean. We didn't like it. It was...
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