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How do you shut off the Internet for an entire country? Three factors that matter

May 8, 2013
Three factors contribute to the ease of turning the web off.
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How to bring high-speed Internet to America

Mar 7, 2013
ERF Wireless uses radio waves hopscotched over short to medium distances to bring high-speed wireless Internet to places that wires or fiber optic cables can’t reach.
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Instagram's privacy backlash, and the dirty secret of data caps

Dec 19, 2012
A negative response to Instagram’s privacy setting changes, and a paper that calls the reasoning behind service provider data caps into question.
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In Kansas City, competition for faster Internet service

Sep 6, 2012
Google picked Kansas City to be the test market for its super fast Internet service. Now neighborhoods are competing with one another to see who will get the service first.
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Britain not wired enough to handle the Olympics’ demand for Internet access

Feb 8, 2012
Things less than brilliant over there.
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