The iPad, like my spirit, is completely broken

Nov 29, 2012
For one iPad owner, a void that even Apple's magical gadget could not fill.
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Funny Or Die's KFOD investigates the fall of beach balls

Aug 7, 2012
The beach ball industry was flying sky-high, but now sales are crashing down to earth.
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Funny Or Die's KFOD reports on sky-high movie prices

Jul 19, 2012
Movie tickets have risen since 1902. We turn to the local Funny Or Die news team, KFOD, for answers.
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Submit your economic crisis jokes

Jun 25, 2012
Sometimes during a crisis, humor can provide a way to express yourself. So we want to know: What are your best economic crisis jokes?
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Ponzify: Silicon Valley's next hot IPO

Jun 8, 2012
A prospectus for Silicon Valley's next hot tech stock offering, where nothing could possibly go wrong. It's a company called Ponzify.
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The Andy Kaufman of the web: Microfocused Tumblr blogs

May 28, 2012
No need to cover everything when you can just cover owls looking hungover. We delve into some strange Tumblrs.
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It's summer. Time for a yard sale, right?

May 22, 2012
In summer, Americans start to dream of easy money and a clean garage -- but that dream might turn into a nightmare.
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Carl Richards: Live and doodling

Mar 2, 2012
Tess talks with personal finance commentator and artist Carl Richards in front of a live audience in Park City, Utah.
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Marketplace Goes to 11: A video short

Dec 29, 2011
Prepare to be amused. We've got some exclusive footage of Kai Ryssdal in the studio that you don't want to miss.
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VIDEO: Two Chatbots talk about God, unicorns, and truth

Aug 29, 2011
Researchers at Cornell have been working on a chatbot called Cleverbot. A chatbot is a piece of software or a robot or something designed to hold...
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