Online giving, big impact

Nov 15, 2007
Today is National Philanthropy Day, and Americans are giving in record amounts, thanks to the ease of online donating. Stacey Vanek-Smith looks into how a lot of small contributions count.
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Wall Street donates its wisdom

Nov 2, 2007
Wall Street is the last thing you'd think a nonprofit involved with charities would want to emulate. But Jill Barshay reports one company is using stock-exchange mentality to keep giving organizations in line.
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Testing the limits of charity

Oct 26, 2007
The heirs of the A&P supermarket fortune claim a $35 million donation given to Princeton University by their parents in 1961 wasn't used for its intended purpose. Jeremy Hobson reports on the court case that would determine if they can get the money back.
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Meager donations for wildfire victims

Oct 25, 2007
Over half a million people have left their homes to flee the threat of wildfires in Southern California. But despite the largest evacuation in the state's history, donations haven't exactly been flooding in. Jill Barshay reports.
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A chill on Muslim giving

Oct 22, 2007
In 2001, the U.S. government shut down Islamic charity The Holy Land Foundation on claims that it supported Palestinian terrorist groups. Jill Barshay reports many other big Islamic charities have also closed their doors.
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Service clubs get a Gen-X boost

Sep 28, 2007
Service clubs have a long and proud tradition in this country. But since the 1980s, the clubs have been struggling to survive, competing against families, careers, and a healthy dose of cynicism. Now a resurgence of sorts seems to be developing -- Amy Scott reports.
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We pay more for Third-World tech

Sep 24, 2007
The price for a low-cost laptop designed for Third World countries is actually twice as high for Americans than for foreign governments. But Curt Nickisch reports that it's still one of the cheapest laptops around.
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Good business is an art

Sep 21, 2007
Musuems across the country are hungry for curators who can successfully balance a knowledge of art with a knack for fundraising. Lisa Napoli reports those types are not easy to find.
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'I'm a big name underwater'

Sep 20, 2007
A nonprofit group is auctioning off the names of 10 new fish species discovered in Indonesia. Wealthy fishophiles are expected to line up and place high bids. Geoff Brumfiel reports.
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Give to global entrepreneurship

Jun 8, 2007
Looking for a new way to be charitable? How about lending to a business on the other side of the world? New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof did, and traveled to meet his beneficiaries. He talks to Tess Vigeland.
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