Help, money flow into quake recovery

May 22, 2008
Rescue and rebuilding efforts from the China earthquake have prompted such a strong response from volunteers and donors in the country that many are wondering whether a new interest in private philanthropy will develop out of the tragedy. Jamila Trindle reports.
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Giving away more than just money

May 20, 2008
Some investors gather to eat and talk about growing their investments. A giving circle gathers to discuss who should get money being given away. Heidi Pickman reports from one circle in Palo Alto, California.
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A low life for high ratings

May 15, 2008
Riding the trend of feel-good reality TV shows, Fox is set to unveil a riches-to-rags story. Stacey Vanek-Smith has more on the "Secret Millionaire" who must find a worthy beneficiary while living amongst the needy.
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Fight homelessness, feed the meter

May 14, 2008
In a novel approach to fighting homelessness, San Francisco will install 10 old parking meters in heavily panhandled neighborhoods and use the money deposited for charities. Sean Cole reports on a similar program in Montreal.
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Will China accept help for earthquake?

May 13, 2008
With the death toll from China's Sichuan Province earthquake at more than 12,000 and expected to rise, aid offers are coming in from around the globe. But will Beijing be receptive to assistance or choose to go it alone? Scott Tong reports.
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Stimulating the charity sector

May 2, 2008
Economic stimulus payments are in the mail, but as Danielle Karson explains, before you blow that check, there are some charities who'd like to make their pitch.
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More needy heading to food banks

May 1, 2008
Consumers are facing a double whammy. Sticker-shock at the gas pumps and again at the grocery store. Today a Congressional hearing focuses on how rising food costs affect Americans and what can be done. Jeff Tyler has more.
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Wal-Mart revamps charitable giving

Mar 5, 2008
Wal-Mart, one of the biggest corporate charitable donors in the U.S., is changing the focus of its philanthropic efforts to target education, job training and health care. Tess Vigeland speaks with Margaret McKenna, president of the Wal-Mart Foundation.
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Recession hits charities' bottom line

Feb 25, 2008
Charities are concerned about the effects recession will have on their normal operations. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports corporate giving generally falls, and new donors will be scarce as companies hunker down.
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Mustaches for charity, not just irony

Feb 18, 2008
Twenty-somethings have one of the lowest rates of charitable giving of any demographic group. Alex Goldmark reports on a New York City charity that's using facial hair to make fundraising hip for younger people.
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