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India has its own 'Big Three'

Feb 26, 2007
Nissan, Renault and Mahindra & Mahindra have announced a joint project to build a new factory and get into the race in India's booming auto industry. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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NASCAR willing to consider biofuel

Feb 23, 2007
GM is urging NASCAR to follow the IndyCar Series' lead and switch over to ethanol-based fuel as U.S. automakers try to push the alternative into the mainstream. And NASCAR isn't scoffing at the idea.
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Honda's odometers go the extra mile

Feb 19, 2007
The company is telling 6 million owners of its cars that their odometers may have rolled up miles too fast. That may have voided warranties before their time. Eric Niiler reports.
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Don't get too pumped up over new fuels

Feb 19, 2007
Forbes magazine writer Daniel Fisher has found all kinds of investment pitches on the Internet for alternative-fuel companies. He talks with Bob Moon about why you should eye them with skepticism.
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Would a GM-Chrysler deal make sense?

Feb 16, 2007
Published reports say General Motors is considering buying the Chrysler Group. Amy Scott looked into why one troubled automaker might want to buy another.
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DaimlerChrysler talks of possible break-up

Feb 14, 2007
It wasn't a big surprise when DaimlerChrysler announced its Chrysler division lost $160 million in the fourth quarter. But what it might do with Chrysler got investors' attention. Alisa Roth reports.
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DaimlerChrysler is downsizing

Feb 14, 2007
The U.S. automaker announces a restructuring plan today that's expected to include plant closings and more than 10,000 job cuts. And they might even have to learn how to share.
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Porsche ready to take the wheel at VW

Feb 14, 2007
An E.U. court official has labeled Germany's "Volkswagen law"— which protects the carmaker from hostile takeovers — illegal. And that's opened the door for Porsche.
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Europe's auto emissions compromise

Feb 7, 2007
Cars sold in the EU may soon have to meet emissions standards 18 percent lower than current limits. Environmentalists say it's not enough. Automakers say it's going to force up the price of cars.
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Chrysler may join GM, Ford in making cuts

Feb 5, 2007
Daimler-Chrysler's putting together a major restructuring plan, according to The Detroit News. Alisa Roth explains that we'll know a whole lot more next week.
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