New mpg standards proposed

Apr 22, 2008
The federal government releases proposed fuel efficiency standards for new cars and trucks today. If enacted, the new standards would be the first change to the vehicle mileage rules in 30 years. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Will Parisians rent electric cars?

Apr 2, 2008
Last year, Paris launched what's been called the biggest and most successful city bicycle scheme ever seen. Now it wants to do the same with electric cars. John Laurenson reports.
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A recharge for the electric car

Mar 26, 2008
At one time, California had the toughest electric vehicle mandate in the country. Tomorrow, California Air Resources Board will update what's left of the state's zero-emissions program. Sarah Gardner has more.
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Future cars in a present recession

Mar 21, 2008
The New York Auto Show opens today, and there will be a lot of talk about cars of the future. Janet Babin reports playing with the balance sheet is might be all U.S. automakers can do to weather an economic storm.
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CO2 fight hinges on pain at the pump

Feb 29, 2008
The E.P.A. recently struck down a law mandating tougher gas efficiency and emissions standards for cars sold in California. But with gas prices soaring, consumers may force Detroit's hand. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Auto workers worry buyout won't go far

Feb 22, 2008
GM, Ford and Chrysler have offered $100,000 buyouts to many of their hourly auto workers. But for some of those employees the money isn't worth the uncertainty of getting another job. Dustin Dwyer reports.
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GMAC puts squeeze on offices

Feb 21, 2008
GMAC will be closing most of its North American auto-financing offices and even cutting jobs to save money. Jill Barshay reports this doesn't mean you can't get a General Motors car loan, but it may take longer to get approved.
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WTO to China: Put the brakes on

Feb 14, 2008
Having the second-largest car market in the world, China has also been charging higher tariffs on imports of car parts from abroad. The World Trade Organization has condemned this as protectionist. Stephen Beard reports.
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A bright spot amidst GM's losses

Feb 12, 2008
While General Motors lost more money in 2007 than any car company in any year, it made a substantial gain to its core automotive business. Janet Babin reports the bright spot could be due to the company's turnaround plan.
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Exxon freeze gets Venezuela moving

Feb 11, 2008
Venezuela has begun moving oil revenues into Swiss banks to avoid a possible seizure of funds by Exxon Mobil. The move creates a new chapter in the legal fight between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and one of America's biggest companies. Dan Grech reports.
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