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China steps in to fill Japan supply chain

Mar 24, 2011
Manufacturing companies worldwide are responding to changes in the supply chain after the Japan tsunami. Now, many Chinese companies want to fill in the production gaps, a move that could cost Japan billions of dollars.
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Auto workers want to share Detroit's new wealth

Mar 22, 2011
United Auto Workers officials meet Tuesday to map out strategy ahead of labor contract talks with newly profitable Detroit carmakers.
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Auto industry's production delays have yet to begin

Mar 21, 2011
This final note today, one last item on Japan. The research firm IHS Automotive Insight has put a number on how big a problem the earthquake and...
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Manufacturers scramble to cover parts shortages

Mar 18, 2011
Japan's crisis prompts General Motors to close U.S. plant and divert auto parts to others. Companies improvise to cope with disrupted supplies.
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Why some gas is cheaper than others

Mar 17, 2011
A number of different factors play into why some gas stations have cheaper prices than others.
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Japan's automakers struggle to restart

Mar 16, 2011
Toyota extended its Japanese plant closures. Even as others resume production, the fallout spreads globally to factory floors and bottom lines.
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U.S. auto plants affected by Japan quake

Mar 16, 2011
In the U.S., Subaru and Toyota cancel overtime shifts amid uncertainty about their suppliers in Japan.
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Just how good a driver are you?

Mar 14, 2011
Progressive Insurance offers a high-tech feature that monitors how you drive for a lower premium. It's the latest salvo in an increasingly pitched ad war among insurers.
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Carmakers invest in efficient gas-sipping cars

Mar 10, 2011
Chevy's new Cruze Eco model is slated to get 42 miles per gallon. Is new technology for traditional gas engines the future of fuel efficiency?
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Electric cars favored at Geneva Auto Show

Mar 2, 2011
The 81st International Geneva Motor Show has been billed as the "greenest car show ever." But while auto companies show off their all-electric concept cars, experts say it will be a long time before there is a consumer-led craze for electric cars. Stephen Beard has more.
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