How post-ACA health care is like the airline business

Dec 5, 2013
The question for hospital executives in Camden, N.J., and around the country, is how to manage a new wave of patients.
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0's next hurdle: Fixing the part you don't see

Dec 2, 2013
What are the technical challenges in fixing the back end of
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Another Obamacare delay, this time for small business

Nov 27, 2013
December 1 is a big day for the Obama administration's implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
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White House changes course on the word 'Obamacare'

Nov 21, 2013
Many would say that the unveiling of Obamacare has been one of the worst product launches in history.
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As goes California, so goes Obamacare?

Nov 21, 2013
California's marketplace is set to decide whether Californians may keep their old insurance policies.
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Weighing the risks of going without health insurance

Nov 19, 2013
For many people, complying with the new health care law will become a financial decision.
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Obamacare's next possible nightmare: Privacy issues

Nov 19, 2013
The security implications for the botched ACA exchange rollout.
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Walmart's Obamacare news: The latest corporate excuse?

Nov 18, 2013
Walmart has signaled that the ACA requirement that most Americans either carry insurance or pay a penalty could hurt sales.
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Adjusting to the new contours of the ACA

Nov 15, 2013
Health insurers have spent millions retooling their business plan in order to function under the ACA.
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ACA's October enrollees wouldn't sell out Michigan Stadium

Nov 13, 2013
Nearly 27,000 people signed up through
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