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House Republicans are set to repeal Obama's Affordable Care Act tomorrow -- but why waste the time and money over the inevitable roadblock? New York bureau chief Heidi Moore says Americans shouldn't turn away too fast from Britain's ugly LIBOR scandal. Reporter Mitchell Hartman does some fact-checking on the economic plans of the presidential candidates. China bureau chief Rob Schmitz continues his new series on the Street of Eternal Happiness, introducing us to a flower shop owner there. And how much time do we waste watching cat videos on YouTube?

LIBOR scandal spreads to U.S. cities

Ripples from the LIBOR scandal have spread to U.S. cities. Some are suing to recoup overpayment due to alleged interest rate manipulation.
Posted In: Barclays, LIBOR

Cat videos find a place of homage: A film festival

Cat videos are much more than LOL clips that cubicle dwellers email to each other. In going viral, they're eating up companies' bandwidth.
Posted In: cat videos, YouTube, Internet

What's up, Europe? Protesters in Madrid

In Spain today, the government announced new austerity measures to meet the terms of the bank bailout early this month: $80 billion worth of tax increases and pay and benefit cuts.
Posted In: spain, ECB, bank bailout, Whats up Europe

Would an income tax hike hurt hiring?

Fewer than a million small-business owners would likely face higher taxes. And some would keep hiring anyway.
Posted In: income tax, business, Small Business

What is the cost of a House vote?

Congress votes on repealing Obamacare for the 33rd time. Are symbolic votes worth the cost to taxpayers?
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, Congress, Republicans, Democrats

U.S. Army cuts NASCAR ties

Congressional critics say the recruiting money used to sponsor sporting events like Stewart-Haas Racing could be spent more effectively.
Posted In: Army, NASCAR, advertising

Can big fraud settlements curb corporate misdeeds?

Commentator Robert Reich says top officials need to feel the heat in order to change corporate behavior.
Posted In: GlaxoSmithKline, fraud

Letter: 'Zales does not sell cubic zirconia products'

A listener makes a correction to one of our previous stories.
Posted In: zales, diamond

The Street of Eternal Happiness: The Migrant

Meet Zhao Silin: Migrant, factory worker, mother, and owner of a tiny flower shop on Changle Road in Shanghai, otherwise known as The Street of Eternal Happiness.
Posted In: Shanghai, China

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