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Loss and redemption on the Street of Eternal Happiness

Aug 1, 2016
A reporter investigates the violent history of his Shanghai property.
Weiqi Zhu stands in front of his trading terminal at a major bank in Hong Kong. The 29-year-old lost his father during the demolition of his Shanghai neighborhood.
Rob Schmitz/Marketplace

A dream of freedom on the Street of Eternal Happiness

Jun 1, 2016
A Shanghai shop owner dreams of independence from her abusive husband.
Zhao Shiling arranges flowers in her tiny shop along the Street of Eternal Happiness in Shanghai. 25 years ago, she left her village to work at a factory in Shanghai, and now she runs her own shop, earning money for her sons. Her abusive husband, though, has lost his job and has recently come to Shanghai.
Rob Schmitz/Marketplace

The Chinese dream on the Street of Eternal Happiness

May 16, 2016
A look at Marketplace China correspondent Rob Schmitz's new book.
62 year-old Zhang Naisun spends his evenings begging for money on the Street of Eternal Happiness. It's been twelve years since Zhang last spent a lunar New Year holiday with his family in rural Henan province.
Rob Schmitz/Marketplace

Chinese dreamin' on the Street of Eternal Happiness

Jul 29, 2013
Marketplace China Correspondent Rob Schmitz wraps up his year-long series about the people on a single street in Shanghai - Changle Lu, or The Street of Eternal Happiness. He revisits two people to find how they're achieving their 'Chinese dreams.'

Jailed for capitalism on the Street of Eternal Happiness

May 30, 2013
A box of letters traced back to the Street of Eternal Happiness reveals one family's struggle after the Mao revolution. The husband was jailed for practicing capitalism. His wife was left behind to take care of their seven children.

Navigating China's perilous health care system along the Street of Eternal Happiness

May 6, 2013
China’s government has spent more than $125 billion on securing coverage for 95 percent of the country, but big problems remain. China remains a place where out-of-pocket costs can equal a year’s salary and where underpaid doctors expect a bribe before they perform surgery on you.

Looking back to the future on Shanghai's Street of Eternal Happiness

Mar 19, 2013
Disoriented by the rapid pace of change in China, more young urban professionals are grounding themselves by turning to ancient Chinese traditions, including teachings from the time of Confucius.

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Celebrating Chinese New Year on the Street of Eternal Happiness

Feb 14, 2013
Chinese New Year is a time when most Chinese return home to celebrate with their families. We meet one homeless man who spends his New Year begging for change on the Street of Eternal Happiness.

The Street of Eternal Happiness: China's sandwich generation

Jan 24, 2013
A look at China's 'sandwich generation,' Chinese people in their 30s who carry the burden of caring for both their children and their parents. Being stuck in the middle is intensified for China's 30-somethings because they're typically only children and because of the historical arc of China's economy, they have almost nothing in common with their parents.

The Street of Eternal Happiness: China's 'Mad Men'

Dec 24, 2012
In the latest stop on the Street of Eternal Happiness in Shanghai, a profile of an advertising agency's journey through the lucrative and challenging China market.

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